Vehicle Overview

Designed specifically for the transfer and travel of private VIP customers such as tourism and short distance, Sultan MEGA VIP is offered in a 2 + 1 seat layout with a total of 25 + 1 + 1 seats.

All the materials used in the luggage compartment, from the special wooden floor coverings, floor covering, special designed passenger seat, pleated curtain, ceiling light to the driver’s cockpit, were produced in VIP quality and comfort.

The color-compatible materials used in the passenger section of Sultan MEGA VIP are designed to be harmonious and uncomplicated in the vehicle.

Stylish passenger seats with special design leather and fabric combined with a wide range of knees and shoulders allow passengers to enjoy their travels by increasing the comfort of their passengers.

The journey takes place in VIP comfort with its high ceiling height, large passenger living area, flat pedestal base and wide side and front windows that increase the viewing angle. With its powerful air conditioning and homogenous heating system, the comfort of the journey is completed at the highest level in all weather conditions in summer or winter.

Passengers: 24 Iphone Charger: Yes Fully Insured: Yes
Interior: Black or Beige Leather On Board Drinks: Yes Smoking: No
DVD Player: Yes On Board Snacks: Yes Surround Sound: Yes
On Board Wifi: Yes Bag Capacity: 30 LCD Screens: Yes